Bias in AI and the Impact on Gender Parity


Join the SAChamber and esteemed speaker Simon Bernie, Vice President at Purview for a relevant and insightful webinar on raising awareness of AI along with a how-to guide to becoming proficient in navigating the rapidly changing landscape. Simon will share on: What AI means What Bias inside AI is How to stay ahead while using […]

ILTM Asia Pacific

ILTM Asia Pacific is the leading luxury travel event in the Asia Pacific region, connecting luxury travel suppliers with elite buyers to forge partnerships and drive growth in the luxury travel sector.

Your Impact on Others: Authentic Self-Leadership to Inspire Teams


Join the SAChamber for an exciting webinar on self-leadership to inspire teams with our esteemed speaker Mr Grant 'Upbeat' Bosnick. The number one thing that stands in people's way to grow, change, and develop is their ability to change their habits. The will is there but we have been brainwashed into thinking that changing our […]