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Corporate Philanthropy: Embracing Needs-based Initiatives for Lasting Impact

April 17 @ 8:30 am - 11:00 pm

Corporate philanthropy can be significant in fostering positive societal change. It’s important for corporations to acknowledge the diverse needs present in our communities and tailor their contributions accordingly, rather than merely following trends. This can prevent certain causes from being overly funded at the expense of others, ensuring a fairer distribution of resources and combating inequalities.

Our panel discussion aims to shed light on the importance of aligning corporate giving with societal needs, urging companies to actively engage in addressing pressing issues. By adopting a needs-based approach to philanthropy, businesses not only fulfill their social responsibility but also open doors to various benefits and opportunities.

During our upcoming event, participants will delve into the advantages and opportunities that arise when businesses prioritise support for critical social initiatives.

Join us in exploring how corporations can make a meaningful impact by addressing the urgent needs of our communities.