Our planet has become a diverse community where cultures from different corners of the globe connect and interact. A by-product of this has been that the best of humanity is showcased through diplomacy. Diplomacy plays an important role in the promotion of national identities where a host country warmly receives people and their cultures along with them. It is for this reason that we have assembled a team which will share with you the different shades and colours of business, culture and tourism in our kaleidoscopic world. We are inspired by Louis Armstrong’s lyrics of ‘What a Beautiful World’, to guide us in our pursuit of connection and cooperation.  

At Diplomatic Network (Asia) we have a clear understanding about the needs and wants of the diplomat abroad. At their arrival and during the stay in any host country, diplomats are always in search for products and services, be it at their mission or at their residences. From where to stay, to the hiring or purchase of a vehicle and a school for the kids, to the opening of an official or personal bank account and the obtainment of an insurance policy, these all require one to connect with local product suppliers and service providers. Here is where we step in: to assist foreign diplomats stationed in Southeast Asia, with a special focus on Singapore. 

Diplomatic Corps in Southeast Asia will be able to count on our media platform to help them not only settle but thrive in a host country. DNA will also enable them to share relevant information about their Missions’ daily activities. Through DNA, Embassies and High Commissions will be able spread news about their countries’ business, cultural and touristic offerings, for the benefit of our readers and viewers. 

DNA counts on former ambassador and Panamanian attorney, Rodrigo Chiari, as its senior advisor, whose experience as executive editor of South African publication Embassy Direct, for the past seven years, provides the groundwork for our initiative. Through Chiari’s vast skill base, acquired over the years working as a civil servant, a diplomat and in print & video media, DNA will tackle its goals. 

DNA will launch its first annual printed edition in February 2024. Copies of the magazine will be distributed amongst the diplomatic community in Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore; to the offices of our members from the Southeast Asian business sector; as well as at hotels and restaurants in the region. DNA will host from April 2023 two separate monthly events, a breakfast and a lunch, to facilitate the mentioned networking processes. Likewise, DNA will organize, starting in 2024, four larger main events during the year: the magazine’s annual edition’s launch, a Diplomats’ Golf Cup, an International Family Day & Bazaar and a Charity Gala Dinner, the latter to raise funds for the works of the Spouses’ Association. 

At the same time, DNA will engage with Singaporean institutional agencies like the Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Tourism Board and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will help diplomats stay up to date with the region’s latest developments in the fields of economic affairs, international relations and tourism as well as promote their own. DNA will also include International Chambers of Commerce as well as International Schools as members of our network. We believe that both have crucial roles to play in voicing the affairs of their countries. We will also approach National Tourism Boards to gather unique information about travel destinations while contributing to their task of promoting their countries as a touristic destination. 

DNA is setting out as a responsible media platform that encourages networking within the spheres of business, culture and tourism. On our journey towards this goal, we will hold our ethos of promoting peace and harmony high on our mast as we leave in our wake a better world.

Image: LinkedIn