Members of the foreign diplomatic corps accredited in Malaysia expressed their interest in Diplomatic Network (Asia)’s offerings last week.  

This followed our first networking event in Kuala Lumpur last Thursday, as we expand our footprint. The event was hosted at restaurant Makan Kitchen at Doubletree on Hilton.

With the kind help of South Africa’s high commissioner in Malaysia, Dave Malcomson, DNA’s Rodrigo Chiari, introduced the brand to several members of the diplomatic corps in Kuala Lumpur. 

Among the attendees were the heads of mission from Australia, Egypt, India, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as diplomat officers from the European Union, Mexico and Colombia. 

More specifically, the event was attended by: His Excellency Justin Lee, Australia’s high commissioner in Malaysia; HE B.N. Reddy, India’s high commissioner; Ambassador Hermono from Indonesia; Mexican deputy chief of mission, Luis E Vertiz; Egyptian ambassador, HE Ragai Nasr; European Union counsellor, Timo Goosmann; and Colombian charge d’affaires, Raul Sanchez. 

Left to right: His Excellency Justin Lee, Australia’s high commissioner in Malaysia; HE B.N. Reddy, India’s high commissioner; Ambassador Hermono from Indonesia; Mexican Deputy Chief of Mission Luis E Vertiz; DNA Chief Editorial Advisor Rodrigo Chiari; South African high commissioner HE Dave Malcomson; Egyptian ambassador HE Ragai Nasr; European Union counsellor Timo Goosmann; and Colombian charge d’affaires Raul Sanchez. Image: DNA. 

We, at DNA, cover the ASEAN territory with a special focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

With the event being our first contact with the distinguished guests, Chiari explained the various ways in which the foreign diplomatic community in the Malaysian capital can benefit from our media platform. 

The diplomats showed their interest and pledged their support to our initiative. Business cards were also exchanged as is custom at DNA events.

Following the successful meet, we soon expect to plant our flag firmly beyond Singapore’s borders, as we grow as a media and networking platform.