The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Singapore hosted a special event on Thursday in celebration of its national day. 

Celebrated annually on September 23, the country’s national day marks the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by its founder, King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, in the year 1932. 

The event took place at the Island Ballroom of the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore.  

Saudi Arabia is one of the many Middle Eastern countries with a diplomatic presence in Singapore. 

The bilateral relations between Singapore and Saudi Arabia have gone from strength to strength. The countries have expressed their excellent relations through financial aid, investment, and trade interactions as well as programs in various fields, like academia. 

His Excellency Abdullah M. AlMahdi, the Saudi ambassador to Singapore, hosted his distinguished guests with great hospitality.  

The guest of honour, on behalf of the Singaporean government, was HE Zaqy Mohamad. Mohamad is the senior minister of State for Defence and Manpower.  

The minister congratulated the Saudi mission, people and head of state on their 93rd anniversary. He praised the slogan behind 2023’s celebration, “We dream, we achieve”, as an enduring philosophy that reflects the positive character that drives the Saudi nation.

The ambiance was bolstered by many donning traditional Saudi clothing in homage to their culture and traditions. The attendees had the opportunity to taste several delicious traditional dishes, which teased the senses with wonderful aromas and colours. 

Attendees of the event included numerous heads of foreign diplomatic missions and diplomats; members of the Singaporean national government as well as representatives of Singapore’s business and cultural sector.  

AlMahdi addressed the evening’s guests during the protocolar ceremony. His Excellency highlighted the many accomplishments through the years of relations between the Saudi Kingdom and the city-state. 

AlMahdi drew attention to the fact that investments in his country have focused on empowerment and sustainability. 

Saudi Arabia is one of the main oil producers and exporters in the world. It will soon be joining BRICS, with other countries like Argentina, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates.  

BRICS is an acronym that represents an international grouping of five major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.