In this address, given last week during a celebratory event, we are honoured to feature the insights of His Excellency Iulian Buga, the distinguished ambassador of Romania to Singapore. Ambassador Buga sheds light on the diplomatic endeavors and collaborative aspirations between the two nations as well as celebrates 105 years since the birth of modern-day Romania.

For all Romanians, all around the world, December 1 is that special day when we celebrate, with the sentiments of pride, solidarity and gratitude for the sacrifice and wisdom of our forefathers, the moment of the consecration of the creation of Great Romania, 105 years ago. 

After a consistent up trend in our bilateral dialogue seen in the last recent years, with visits both ways and interactions at levels of vice prime minister, minister and state secretary, 2023 has been a particularly significant year not only by confirming but especially by consolidating the mutual interest of Romania and Singapore towards each other.  

This year’s state visit of the Romanian President has sent a clear signal in that respect and has raised the stakes of our common future agenda of bilateral and multilateral cooperation to new levels. 

In today’s world, confronted with new or resurrected old conflicts, it is more important than ever that like-minded countries come together, work together and strengthen their dialogue and cooperation. It is from these perspectives and positions that Romania has been looking at and sincerely and constructively been working towards strengthening bilateral relations with Singapore. 

Economic cooperation has been one of the most dynamic fields of engagement. Over the last three years, Romania has been one of the top EU countries providing telecom and IT services in Singapore. The number of Romanian companies doing business in Singapore has more than doubled in only three years, this year alone increasing by more than 30%. 

Both sides are convinced of the existing huge potential, still largely untapped, in fields like IT&C, cyber-security, smart cities, start-ups, agriculture and food security, climate change, research, education and people-to-people contacts and are willing to further engage in extending their cooperation in these areas. Romania and Singapore see their countries as reliable platforms for their engagement in each other’s region. 

Romania continues to be fully committed to playing an important role, as a member of the EU, in forging an extended cooperation of the EU with Singapore, with ASEAN and with the Indo-Pacific region. The key role of my country, when holding the Presidency of the EU Council, in finalising the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement or Romania’s very early ratification of the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement are only few of the arguments supporting these statements.