Cruise ship company Heritage Line announced Monday the launch of the Heritage Line Mekong River cruise, a new luxury cruise ship offering that runs up the Mekong River in Laos.

The new ship, called Anouvong, set sail on its maiden voyage in late August. 

Anouvong has 10 cabins and “represents a harmonious blend of traditional Laotian charm and French-Colonial sophistication”. 

Alongside the views of jungle and riverside villages, customers will enjoy Laotian cuisine served by the ship’s team of chefs.  

Heritage Line Mekong River cruise packages

Heritage Line is offering three different packages. The first is a nine-night trip to Huay Xai from Vientiane, which starts at USD4,186 per person.  

The second is a seven-night package, to Vientane from Huay Xai, which starts at USD4,192 per person. 

The shortest package offers three nights on the ship and starts at USD1,777 per person.  

“Both up and downstream, either on the shorter and longer sailings, contain identical overall experience. In regards of the two longer programs, the 9-Night upstream require some more sailing time on the river due to the slower up-river cruise,” Hertiage Line said. 

“All itineraries offer guests to experience the essence of Laos with a plethora of carefully crafted and all-inclusive activities.” 

Heart of Laos

The activities on offer will allow customers to penetrate deeper and deeper into the heart Laos. They include visiting hamlets along the river, seeing local ceremonies, and learning about the folklore of different ethnic tribes as well as century-old agricultural techniques. 

The ship’s name itself is rooted in history. The name Anouvong is in reference to the ruler of the Lao kingdom of Vientiane, who lived between 1767 and 1835. 

Anouvong is primarily known for his resistance against Siamese expansionism during the early 19th century. During his reign, he sought to assert greater autonomy for his kingdom and reduce Siamese influence in Laos. This led to a series of conflicts with the Siamese, culminating in the Siamese-Vientiane War of 1826-1828.

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