In collaboration with the Embassy of Mongolia in Singapore, a captivating display of chrysanthemums is currently on exhibit at Chrysanthemum Charm at Gardens By The Bay.

The floral presentation, called Chrysanthemum Charm, features a stunning array of around 80 chrysanthemum varieties. Notably, over 10 new chrysanthemum varieties are making their debut in Southeast Asia as part of this showcase.

Accompanying these chrysanthemums are other exquisite blooms like dianthus, asters, and the scabiosa, Mongolia’s national flower.

The arrangement is carefully designed to transport visitors to the lush grasslands and meadows that characterise Mongolia’s vast landscapes.

Adding depth to this cultural experience is a life-sized Mongolian ger, often referred to as a ‘yurt’ in English. This specially crafted structure offers an immersive look into the traditional nomadic lifestyle still practiced by Mongolians today.

Chrysanthemum Charm’s opening ceremony took place last Friday. The event will run until November 13.

For more details, visit the event page on the Gardens by the Bay website, here.