The BAP Union, Latin America’s largest sailing ship, is docking in Singapore from October 9 to 13, as part of a 309-day journey around the world.

The expedition marks the second circumnavigation made by a Peruvian ship in 167 years. 

The first one was accomplished by the Peruvian frigate Amazonas between 1856 and 1858, which also docked in Singapore.

BAP Union is docked at the Changi Naval Base, Singapore.

Maritime Diplomacy

Embarking on this historic voyage, the BAP Union not only serves as a training platform for future naval officers but also acts as a maritime Embassy, promoting diplomatic ties and showcasing Peru’s rich cultural heritage and unparalleled biodiversity in 20 ports worldwide.

Singapore holds the distinction of being one of just five Asian countries and the sole Southeast Asian destination where the BAP Union will make port, underscoring the special consideration that Peru gives to its relationship with Singapore.

The two nations share a robust network of trade agreements and a common vision on matters of global importance.

During its stopover in Singapore, the BAP Union will offer an extraordinary opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Peru’s culture.

“Casa Peru”

The “Casa Peru” hosted on board the ship, promises a unique and enriching experience, featuring a diverse array of Peruvian products and treasures. Visitors can explore Peru’s world-renowned superfoods, savor top-tier coffee, and indulge in exquisite alpaca fibers. Additionally, cultural artifacts will be on display, further enhancing the Peruvian experience.

Peruvian Ambassador to Singapore Carlos Vasquez said: “This visit is a testament to special relationship between Peru and Singapore and we look forward to welcome our esteemed Singaporean guests to join us as we celebrate this historic voyage and experience the beauty and richness of Peru’s heritage at the BAP Union’s visit to Singapore. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a global journey through Peru’s finest offerings.”

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