Diplomatic Network (Asia) inaugurated the new year with the January DNA networking lunch held on Wednesday. 

Since its inception in April 2023, this newly created media-networking platform, designed for foreign diplomats stationed across Southeast Asia, has focused on connecting this vital professional group with members of the Singaporean business community through a variety of live events. 

Wednesday’s lunch marked DNA’s first networking event of 2024 and was hosted at Lawry’s Prime Rib, one of DNA’s distinguished members located in the heart of Singapore’s fashion district on Orchard Road.

The restaurant organised a special menu for DNA’s guests, who were also treated to excellent red and white wine sponsored by South African Cellar.

Distinguished guests

Left to right: DNA’s Rodrigo Chiari; Andreas Kraemer, the general manager of Intercontinental Singapore; Noel Ng, an attorney specialised in corporate law; AIA Group Financial Planner Heny Chen; His Excellency Ahmed Mostafa, ambassador of Egypt; and HE Darius Gaidys, head of the mission of Lithuania in Singapore.

The guests of honour, selected from representatives of the African and European continents, included the recently appointed Egyptian ambassador, His Excellency Ahmed Mostafa, and HE Darius Gaidys, head of the mission of Lithuania in Singapore. 

Both diplomats shared valuable insights with our members about the business opportunities between their respective countries and Singapore. 

Ambassador Mostafa highlighted that Egypt was among the first nations to acknowledge Singapore as a newly established state. In the mid-1960s, the North African country played an active role in the Non-Aligned Movement. Lee Kuan Yew’s initiative was well-received by the geopolitical forum, leading to the Arab Republic of Egypt opening one of the first foreign missions in the city-state. Since then, both nations have become important trade partners. 

Ambassador Mostafa also shared information about his discussions with Gardens by the Bay regarding an initiative to establish a hall within that Singaporean landmark, showcasing Egyptian culture and nature. 

The Lithuanian ambassador noted that, in addition to Singapore, he also represents his country in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations organisation. Ambassador Gaidys explained that Singapore was chosen as Lithuania’s Southeast Asian office due to its position as a regional hub. Singapore and Lithuania are actively involved in several innovative technology projects. 

Among the attendees from DNA’s membership base was Heny Chen, a financial planner under the AIA Group in Singapore; Noel Ng, an attorney specialising in corporate law; and the general manager of Intercontinental Singapore, Andreas Kraemer. 

DNA’s calendar

DNA’s guests received a briefing on the platform’s 2024 plans, with hopes that the attendees will actively participate in the forthcoming dynamics. 

One of the highly anticipated events for Diplomatic Network (Asia) is the launch of its inaugural print magazine scheduled for March. Before that, DNA will be participating in the Latin American & Caribbean Food & Music Market in Sentosa. Additionally, DNA will host a Chinese New Year lunch next month.