Located near the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Anantara Angkor Resort offers a blend of luxury and cultural immersion.  

The serene escape features the Angkorian Dining Theatre, an experience that combines culture, cuisine, and storytelling, providing an evening steeped in Cambodia’s rich heritage. 

Angkorian Dining Theatre 

At dusk, guests gather in the tranquil Frangipani Courtyard to begin a five-course culinary journey. The evening starts with a Bakator performance, a martial art inspired by ancient Khmer warriors. 

As night falls, a traditional shadow puppet show in three acts unfolds, featuring puppets crafted from painted cowhide and wood, preserving a centuries-old tradition. 

“Known locally as Sbek Thom, large Cambodian shadow puppetry is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list and truly embodies the country’s cultural legacy,” said Supratik Guha, the general manager of Anantara Angkor Resort. 

Meanwhile, the menu celebrates local flavors, offering dishes such as Kep crab cakes, Mekong langoustine soup, lamb shank Saraman curry, and baked Alaska with local mango. Each course is paired with carefully selected wines to enhance the dining experience. 

Preserving Cambodia’s cultural heritage 

The Sbek Thom, a traditional Khmer shadow theatre, showcases two-meter-tall, non-articulated leather puppets with intricate openwork. 

Originating before the Angkorian era, Sbek Thom, alongside the Royal Ballet and mask theatre, holds sacred status. Originally dedicated to divinities, performances were limited to specific annual events like Khmer New Year, the King’s birthday, or ceremonies honoring notable figures.  

Following Angkor’s decline in the 15th century, the shadow theatre evolved from ritualistic roots into a recognized art form, while still preserving its ceremonial essence. 

“After decades of neglect during the Khmer Rouge regime, we are proud to offer our guests an authentic experience of this art form through our Angkorian Dining Theatre,” Guha said. 

Luxurious accommodations & amenities 

Located just 10 minutes from Siem Reap and 15 minutes from Angkor Wat, Anantara Angkor Resort offers 39 Khmer-style suites set around a courtyard pool. 

Guests can enjoy VIP tours arranged by a personal experience butler and a range of complimentary resort activities. 

The resort also features a fitness center, steam room, sauna, and jacuzzi at Anantara Spa, ensuring a holistic experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Highly rated 

With a five-star rating on TripAdvisor, Anantara Angkor Resort is a premier destination for exploring Cambodia’s cultural and culinary heritage. 

The Angkorian Dining Theatre, priced at USD600 per couple, including the five-course menu and wine pairings, runs from 19h30 to 21h00, promising an evening of unforgettable experiences. 


For diplomats and discerning travelers, Anantara Angkor Resort offers more than just access to the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat. It provides a deeply enriching cultural encounter through thoughtfully curated experiences, making it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and cultural immersion in Cambodia.