South African Wine Cellar, based in Singapore, is hosting a South African wine pairing dinner in late June. 

The special event, which will be held on June 26, will feature five distinct wine and food pairings, highlighting the rich heritage and unique characteristics of South African wines. Seats are limited, so early RSVPs are recommended to secure a spot.

South African Wine Cellar is committed to introducing wines from boutique vineyards that prioritize environmental sustainability. 

Their selection includes organic and vegan wines, as well as offerings from female and black-owned wineries. The mission is to share these exceptional wines, hoping they will be appreciated as much as they are by the team at South African Wine Cellar. 

South African wines are globally renowned. While many are familiar with the prominent names, there are over 2,600 vineyards in South Africa 

South African Wine Cellar focuses on showcasing some of the lesser-known yet remarkable wines. The selection includes excellent reds, whites, rosés, and Méthode Cap Classique, which is South Africa’s sparkling wine made in the Champagne style. 

These wines are unique to the region and not available elsewhere in Singapore.