A tasting of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delights at Pistachios Grill, a member of Diplomatic Network (Asia), was the setting for the latest DNA networking lunch hosted on Thursday. 

Guests of honor, including two foreign diplomats and three members of Diplomatic Network (Asia), enjoyed the authentic flavors of Arab cuisine. The event was personally hosted by Pistachio Grill’s head chef and owner, Khalid Elelimi, who hails from Egypt. 


Left to right: Four Seasons Singapore’s Christopher Menon; Oaks Legal’s Sheam Zenglin; Peruvian Ambassador to Singapore Francisco Tenya Hasegawa; Mehmet Burcin Gonenli, the ambassador of Turkiye to Singapore; DNA’s Rodrigo Chiari; and Oscar Brito.

The distinguished guests of honor for the monthly event were the newly arrived Peruvian ambassador, His Excellency Francisco Tenya Hasegawa, and HE Mehmet Burcin Gonenli, the ambassador of Turkiye to the Republic of Singapore. 

Representing DNA were members Oscar Brito, a private DNA member; Christopher Menon, the assistant sales manager at Four Seasons Singapore; and Sheam Zenglin, a representative from Oaks Legal. 

Food, glorious food

Conversations centered around food, with the Turkish head of mission briefing attendees on the fascinating origins of one of the dishes served, Hunkar Begendi. This dish, a culinary heritage from the Ottoman Empire, is popularly known as “the Sultan Likes It” and features eggplant and lamb as its main ingredients. 

For those interested in gastronomy and history, we encourage you to explore the story behind this exotic yet delicious dish, which offers an unforgettable culinary experience. 

DNA members also shared their favorite Singaporean hawker foods and recommended that the Peruvian ambassador not miss the seafood served around the East Coast district. Peru is renowned for its world-class restaurants that excel in fusion cuisine and have gained global prestige. 

The suggestion of planning combined tours to Istanbul and Lima was proposed for the ambassadors’ consideration. Turkish Airlines offers direct flights from Singapore to Istanbul and can connect travelers to South American destinations through Bogota and Panama City.