The Venezuelan Ambassador to Singapore, Jessica Lopez, celebrated the Venezuela national day, 5 de Julio, with a special event held on Sunday. 

The event took place at the Novotel on Stevens Road. The casual occasion featured authentic Latin American food and music, offering Singaporeans a chance to enjoy cultural aspects from this distant part of the world. 

Venezuela’s national day, celebrated on July 5th, commemorates the country’s declaration of independence from Spain in 1811. It marks a significant historical moment when Venezuela took its first step towards becoming a sovereign nation. 

This year marked the 213th anniversary of Venezuela’s independence.

Distinguished guests

Heads of mission from Argentina, HE Mauricio Nine; Panama, HE Enrique Villegas; South Africa, HE Charlotte Lobe; Thailand, HE Ureerat Chareontoh; and Jordan, HE Samer A. Naber attended. Other heads of mission from Greece, the Philippines, and Russia were also present, along with diplomats from Colombia, El Salvador, Italy, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Timor-Leste. 

Diplomatic Network (Asia) was represented by its director, Tay Wan Leng, and a few of its members. These included representatives from Four Seasons hotel; Soo Chye Lee from Oaks Legal; Juan Ramon Jimenez, owner of Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore; and Dainial Lim. 

The food served included classic empanadas, paella, and tequenos, all accompanied by panela syrup and sangria. A live band played well-known salsa rhythms, featuring a typical Venezuelan instrument called the “cuatro,” a four-stringed guitar popular among musical groups in the South American country. 

Another milestone for the country this month will be the presidential elections on July 28.