InterContinental Singapore epitomizes luxury hospitality as it blends tradition with modernity in the heart of Singapore.

As part of the Diplomatic Network (Asia) family, InterContinental Singapore not only serves luxury travelers but also provides tailored services that meet the unique needs of diplomats and international dignitaries.

Located in the Bugis district, the hotel’s traditional Peranakan architecture offers a welcoming atmosphere. Known for its personalized services and distinctive amenities, InterContinental Singapore provides an elegant and comfortable experience. From the Signature Butler Service to heritage tours, guests are ensured an immersive stay.

The hotel’s dedication to sustainability and community engagement further distinguishes it as a leader in responsible hospitality.

DNA spoke with Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications Stephanie Tang to explore what sets the esteemed hotel apart in the world of luxury hospitality and the exclusive services it offers to its distinguished guests.

How does InterContinental Singapore define luxury hospitality, and what sets it apart from other luxury hotels in the region?  

InterContinental Singapore defines luxury hospitality through its blend of traditional and modern Peranakan architecture, creating an unparalleled Singaporean experience. This unique architectural fusion reflects their deep commitment to heritage, evident not only in the ambiance but also in their personalized service. Each guest receives bespoke attention and tailored experiences, ensuring a memorable stay. Situated in a central location, the hotel invites guests to immerse themselves fully in Singapore’s vibrant culture, further distinguishing itself as a standard of luxury. 

What unique amenities or experiences does InterContinental Singapore offer to create a memorable stay for guests?  

InterContinental Singapore sets itself apart by offering a range of unique amenities and experiences that guarantee a memorable stay for guests. They provide exclusive services such as the Signature Butler Service available in select suites, which includes personalized pre-arrival arrangements and curated cultural activities. Their Club InterContinental caters to every detail according to individual preferences, ensuring an unmatched level of luxury. Moreover, guests can participate in guided heritage tours and bespoke culinary adventures, including a scenic sunset cruise, enriching their stay with unforgettable moments tailored to their interests and desires. 

What initiatives does InterContinental Singapore have in place for sustainability and environmental responsibility?  

Singapore prioritizes sustainability as a cornerstone of its Responsible Business strategy, exemplified through initiatives like the IHG Green Engage system. This system enables them to meticulously track and manage environmental impact, focusing on reducing energy, water, and waste consumption. In alignment with Singapore’s ’30 by 30′ vision, the hotel implements energy-efficient systems and sustainable purchasing practices, such as replacing plastic bottles with bulk shower amenities and prioritizing locally sourced produce in its restaurants. These efforts have earned InterContinental Singapore recognition, including the ASEAN Green Hotel Awards 2022-2024, highlighting their dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable hospitality practices. 

How does the hotel engage with the local community and contribute to social causes?  

InterContinental Singapore actively engages with the local community and supports social causes through its dining outlets. For instance, at Man Fu Yuan, they have begun sourcing local produce from Singaporean farmers and ingredients from Singapore waters. This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also contributes directly to the local economy by supporting urban farmers and local suppliers. 

What dining options are available at InterContinental Singapore, and how do they showcase local and international cuisine?

InterContinental Singapore offers a diverse range of dining options that highlight both local and international cuisine. LUCE is celebrated for its Italian dishes infused with local ingredients, creating a unique Singaporean twist on traditional Italian. The restaurant also boasts an extensive Italian wine selection complemented by a wine club, inviting guests to explore the finest Italian vintages. Additionally, the hotel recently introduced Banquet of Hoshena, an immersive seven-course dining experience, promising a sensory journey for guests. These dining choices underscore InterContinental Singapore’s dedication to providing immersive culinary experiences that cater to the tastes of local ingredients/food and international travelers. Moreover, guests can experience Singapore’s largest hotel champagne collection, complete with sabrage ceremonies for a memorable dining experience. 

How does the hotel incorporate local flavors and traditions into its culinary offerings? 

InterContinental Singapore’s Man Fu Yuan, lauded by Singapore Tatler as one of Singapore’s most recommended Chinese restaurants. Man Fu Yuan is a stalwart in the Cantonese fine dining scene in Singapore, serving culinary presentations that showcase an artful balance of spices and flavors, uplifted by modern interpretations and quality ingredients. Additionally, guests can indulge in the hotel’s largest champagne collection, complete with sabrage ceremonies, further enhancing the dining experience at Man Fu Yuan. The a la carte menu masters a blend of traditional Cantonese techniques with modern culinary capturing the essence of tradition to its Cantonese roots. 

How does InterContinental Singapore provide tailored hospitality services to meet the unique needs of diplomats and international dignitaries?

InterContinental Singapore caters to diplomats and international dignitaries by offering personalized hospitality services designed to meet their unique needs. Dining experiences are customized to accommodate dietary preferences and cultural sensitivities, complemented by a selection of international and local cuisines. InterContinental Singapore’s central location facilitates convenient access to diplomatic missions and governmental offices, further enhancing the efficiency and comfort of diplomatic stay. InterContinental Singapore’s dedication to diplomatic guests is further shown through the butler service, ensuring every detail is handled per individual’s preference due to their commitment to flexibility. Additionally, the General Manager is just a phone call away, ready to assist and enhance the diplomatic experience with personalized attention and seamless service throughout their stay. These tailored services exemplify the hotel’s commitment to providing a seamless and dignified experience for diplomats and international dignitaries to enjoy. 

What opportunities does InterContinental Singapore offer diplomats to experience and engage with local culture during their stay?  

InterContinental Singapore offers diplomats tailored experiences that engage with local culture, including guided tours of cultural landmarks, culinary journeys showcasing Singaporean cuisine, and opportunities to attend traditional performances and workshops offering an enriching cultural immersion.  

Can you share a brief history of InterContinental Singapore and its evolution over the years?  

InterContinental Singapore is deeply rooted in the heritage of the arts and cultural districts of Bugis and Bras Basah. Infused with the city’s deep-rooted heritage and diverse cultural influences from its surroundings, the hotel radiates a welcoming charm. Its history dates back to the 17th century when Chinese traders journeyed to the Malay Peninsula in pursuit of new prospects. Through unions between Chinese men and local Malay women, a distinct blend of language, cuisine, fashion, architecture, and lifestyle evolved, giving rise to the unique Peranakan Culture. Since established in 1995, the hotel has stood as a landmark in the bustling Bugis district. Its architecture and decor are inspired by Peranakan residences and customs, inviting guests to immerse themselves in this rich cultural tapestry.